Health Economics for Developing Countries


This book is an introduction to health economics and finance for lower income countries, which is easy to use and read and does not assume previous training in economics. It explains health economics in an accessible applied way using material from, and relevant to, developing countries.

Chain Empowerment


This is a book of hope for Africa’s smallholder farmers. It shows how they can earn more from their crops and livestock by taking control over the value chains they are part of – chains that link them with consumers in Africa’s towns and cities, as well as in other countries

Architectural Quality


Tjeerd Dijkstra describes which concepts play an important part in the definition of architectural quality. After a reflection on these concepts, he enters into the procedures of monitoring and assessment.

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A Shtetl under the Sun


Over the years, many Ashkenazic Jews left Curaçao. Today only a little more than a hundred Ashkenazim are left on the island. But all of them remember the shtetl atmosphere during the second half of the 20th century, which Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen has chronicled on these pages.