Terms of Delivery

Article 1: Definitions

Buyer: Any natural or legal person who is contracting with the publisher regarding the provision of services or products.LM Publishers; the supplier, hereinafter referred to as ‘the publishing house’. The natural or legal person who has accepted the buyer’s order.Website: http: //www.lmpublishers.nl

Article 2: General Provisions

In all agreements to be terminated by the Publisher with the application of these Terms of Delivery, Dutch law is always applicable.The agreement for delivery and decline is achieved by placing an order through the order form on the website or by e-mail. Orders are confirmed by e-mail.These terms and conditions apply to all transactions between the Publisher and its customers.

Article 3: Prices and offers

All mentioned prices on the website include VAT, unless stated otherwise. The VAT on books is 6%.All offers on this website are subject to price, delivery availability and delivery time. All data are based on latest information. The Publisher is entitled to adjust the prices given afterwards.
All offers of the Publisher are entirely free of charge, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing or otherwise agreed with the buyer.

Article 4: Delivery and payment

The delivery times specified by the Publisher are indicative. Exceeding any delivery period does not entitle the buyer to damages.Delivery takes place in the Netherlands unless otherwise agreed and takes place at the place and time when the goods are ready for shipment to buyer. Delivery of goods takes place at the buyer’s risk at the last known buyer’s address, as recorded in the Publisher’s database.
The Publisher is entitled to charge shipping and handling fees.
Orders that consist of multiple products can be delivered and invoiced by the Publisher in parts, which calculates one-time shipping and handling costs.
The Publisher is entitled to suspend its delivery obligation to Buyer if it still has any payment obligation to the Publisher,
Payment of invoices must be made in the manner and within the period stated on the invoice. Payment period is 30 days after invoice date.
If the invoice remains unpaid, even after payment reminders and written notice, LM Publishers will transfer the claim to a Debt Collection. In that case, the amount to be paid is increased by legal interest, collection costs and € 42.50 on office fees.

All goods delivered by the Publisher under agreement to buyer remain the property of the Publisher until all amounts due by the Buyer for the goods delivered under that Agreement are met.

Article 5: Advertising and Liability

The buyer is obliged to check upon delivery whether the goods correspond to the agreement. If this is not the case, Buyer must notify the Publisher within seven working days of receipt in writing or by e-mail.If it has been shown that the goods do not correspond to the agreement, the Publisher has the option to replace the products concerned after returning it with new products or to refund the invoice value thereof.
Returns are only accepted if the goods are undamaged. The costs for these return shipments are at the expense of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.

Article 6: Other provisions

Deviations from these terms and conditions only apply if agreed upon between the Publisher and Buyer.All disputes relating to or arising out of these terms and conditions and / or a delivery agreement with the Publisher will be submitted to the competent court.