Revised Edition Slavery Heritage Guide Amsterdam

June 28 the revised edition will be available from the bi-lingual Gids Slavernijverleden / Slavery Heritage Guide Amsterdam.

This guide tells the story of Amsterdam’s slavery history in over one hundred locations. Never before were so many places in the Netherlands that have direct connections to slavery collected in a (walking) guide. ‘The legacy of slavery can be identified throughout the Netherlands today even if it is not currently so explicit, not so visible, not so palpable as it could be,’ said sociologist Stephen Small in his inaugural lecture at the University of Amsterdam in 2012.

The second edition contains small revisions and additions to text and images. Also the guide map is revised and the map locations are now provided with page numbers. There are some new pages, for example one about the presence of a black community of men, women and children in the centre of Amsterdam at the beginning of the Seventeenth Century.