Dutch New York Histories

Connecting African, Native American and Slavery Heritage

Dienke Hondius, Nancy Jouwe, Dineke Stam, Jennifer Tosch


This bi-lingual guide open your eyes to the traces of of slavery and its profits and to the signs of the Black and Indigenous presence in New Amsterdam and New Netherland.

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ISBN: 9789460224508
Language: Dutch-English (bi-lingual)
Binding: paperback
Pages: 176
Publication year: 2017

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Did you know that the famous African American abolitionist Sojourner Truth was formerly enslaved and spoke Dutch until the age of ten? Or that the Dutch brought enslaved Africans to North America in the merchant ships of the West India Company? This eye-opening guide focuses on traces of the Dutch presence in New York city and state. Dutch rule in New Amsterdam and New Netherland (1609-1664) was short, but it has had a lasting cultural impact. Dutch colonists, entering the rich American lands, had friendly and violent encounters with Native Americans. They traded and partnered with them, but also fought against them. Enslaved Africans built and formed New York, in farms and households. The guide invites a visit to many surprising locations of Dutch New York’s histories of trade, treason, resistance, violence, survival, profit, loss, religious zeal, old rituals and new cultural forms.
Discover a new layer of information about New York State, that includes the Hudson River Valley and the five boroughs of New York City.

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