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Kartika Affandi learned to paint from her father, mostly in the open air. Her paintings and sculptures embody an essential passion for authentic visual works. The look she gives to her art makes an indelible impression on those who view it, and even now while as she nears the age of ninety, her work ethic is relentless and full of joy and a desire to connect people. It has brought her international fame.

Berlages Indische reis/Berlage’s Journey to the Indies


Berlages Indische Reis is een nieuwe, creatieve herinterpretatie van een honderd jaar oud reisdagboek; een onderzoekingstocht naar ons koloniaal verleden met een frisse, kritische blik op het heden.

Berlage’s Journey to the Indies is a carefully curated new edition of a 100-year-old travel journal that explores the Netherlands’ colonial past from a fresh, critical, and contemporary perspective.

The border dispute between Suriname and Guyana


The border dispute between Suriname and Guyana has its roots in colonial times. This book sheds light on the genesis of the border dispute based on historical documents, while outlining the policy followed by the government of the Netherlands regarding this issue and further focuses on relevant aspects of international law and hitherto underexposed, if not hidden, historical facts. The author hopes that this publication could contribute to a balanced assessment of the problem by both governments in their pusuit of a peacefull solution of the border dispute.

Revisualizing Slavery


Revisualizing slavery explores the history of slavery in Asia by focusing on visual sources. The traditional image of slavery in Asia is shaped and dominated by words such as ‘mild’, ‘guilt’ and ‘domestic’. But this is shifting by new historical research that points precisely to the tougher sides and to similarities with the Atlantic slavery past.