Most of our Curaçao and Aruba-titles are in the Dutch language. If you are interested in these titles please visit the NL-catalogue

Caribbean Crossroads


Caribbean Crossroads is the journey of a young boy named Chen and how his humble life became one filled with action, conflict, pain, mythical mysteries and finally love. A Caribbean novel.

A Sense of Belonging


This book, ‘Multiple Narratives of English speaking Arubans; Migration, Identification and Representation’, facilitates a discourse articulating a sense of belonging on Aruba.

Bird Wildlife of Aruba


Birds are fascinating creatures. They are descendants of dinosaurs and connect us to the far gone past. Like bees and bats, birds play a significant role in nature’s evolutionary clockwork. They pollinate flowers and spread seeds. They help keep insect populations in balance. The state of affairs of our birds is an indicator for the state of affairs of nature as a whole and so they also connect us to our future.

A Shtetl under the Sun


Over the years, many Ashkenazic Jews left Curaçao. Today only a little more than a hundred Ashkenazim are left on the island. But all of them remember the shtetl atmosphere during the second half of the 20th century, which Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen has chronicled on these pages.